A United Global Resource Center of Scholarly Kingdom Ministries Impacting the World's Government, Business, Education, Athletics, Financial, and Music Systems with Knowledge to ameliorate there Environment.

Kingdom Ministries  Embassy is an unified body of Kingdom Citizens, Ministries, Churches, Schools, and Businesses,  all called Regents.

These Regencies utilize their potential and resources to  teach, edify, and restore, individuals,  families, & communities with sound Life Renewal, Kingdom Principles.



KME is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.  


KME's Branding and Marketing formula helps you to not only become a part of a greater cause, but also establish yourself and your Ministry as part of a unified body. 

Once you receive the necessary background information and become an approved member Regent of KME, you will also become an official Syndicated Kingdom Diplomat  (board member) to help maintain the integrity and establishment of KME. 


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KME Member Regents 



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Kingdom Ministries Embassy, Inc.


Need assistance with your Mission or Ministry? KME is here to help you learn how to impact your given territory as you become connected with a Sound Body of Kingdom Believing operatives with a purpose of seeking God's  Kingdom and His Righteousness without being religious.

We use time tested proven methods of Christ to become a contagious Kingdom Colony that glorifies our Heavenly Father.   





Our National Conference is being set for mid year 2017. Stay tuned for date and local   

KMETV online ​​​​

NEW: Hear and see what our Regents are saying and doing live or 24/7 from this website.   


Scripture Ontology Classes are live Tuesday night 7-9pm Central time. More Info & registration request at: www.KMEUniversity.net


Kingdom Members have Online TV privilege, with Vault access, and other KME benefits. Access payments are tax deductible donations